Session Experience with two industry experts; Industry use case on Automation Using Ansible-Demo

Raj Kumar Vishwakarma
2 min readDec 29, 2020

“ 28 December 2020 “

Session with two best experts of the industry -> Mr. Sreejith Anujan & Mr. Arun Eapen.

First a fall I would like to thanks Vimal sir and Preeti Mam for arranging such a wonderful session with two industry leading experts and thanks to Mr. Sreejith Anujan & Mr. Arun Eapen for such great session .

It was the Great session with these two key note speakers and Get to Know about real use case of automation using ansible in industry.

Below i have given the Summary of Session:


🔴About Automation-

Automation is the process of doing the task ot things with minimal human efforts that is human doing the things manually.

🔴How we can use automation?

We can use automation to automate infrastructure, configure web server, database server, Provisioning the instances on cloud etc.

🔴Importance of Scaling in today’s world-

Scaling is much needed in today’s world because no-one knows at which point of time traffic will increase on your site and you have to increase your infrastructure to handle such a huge traffic.

🔴Solution can be achieved through Ansible tower-

We can solve many problems with help of ansible tower as such we can rescue from single of failure with this we can achieve the continuous workflow that means we can able to run multiple templates in single go.

🔴About the Credential

We can use credentials as a token for authentication through the API provides by clouds companies like AWS, Oracle Cloud ,Google ,azure etc.

We can achieved great automation with the ansible tower which is easy to learn .

Thanks Once again to Linux World Team for such a great session