Session Experience :Industry Use Cases for Kubernetes/Openshift from Redhat Experts

Raj Kumar Vishwakarma
2 min readMar 2, 2021


Key Note Speakers:

  1. Mr. Amel Mathai
  2. Mr. Daleep Singh Bais
  3. Mr. Abid Mattoo

First a fall I would like to thanks Vimal sir ,Preeti Mam and entire LW team for arranging such a wonderful session on Industry Use Cases-Kubernetes/Openshift.

It was great learning Experience for me with these three experts and thanks for such a great session.

Session Summary:

🔴Benefits of Kubernetes are Scalability ,Workload Portability and Stability vs Speed arguments and Challenges to Kubernetes are Deployment, Hardening and Operations .

🔴Containerization is the way of virtualization, problem with containers is that any container goes down due to any reason then there is no any who going to launch the new container with the same configuration.

🔴Virtual machines have their own kernel, libraries ,etc. but containers share the kernel from their host.

🔴Docker considered as a Service platform because we can build applications on the top of the docker service.

🔴Openshift is a tool which helps in us in complete development life cycle.

🔴Application platform changes due to now we are in the world of containers.

🔴It is the infrastructure and resources to run a app and we have to just develop the code and run in that platform it’s called PaaS.

🔴Service mesh provides security and helps in managing internal communication between services.

🔴Podman is a container engine and has more features than docker. It has enhanced security features.


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Raj Kumar Vishwakarma