How We Can Contribute Limited Storage as Slave Node in Distributed Cluster (Hadoop Cluster)?

Sometimes in the Hadoop cluster ,it may required that we do not want contribute the whole storage as Slave (Data Node).To solve this challenge i am providing one of the way here using partition concept.

So Let’s Start:

I have already created the hadoop cluster on the top of AWS cloud having 1 master (Name Node) and 1 slave node (Data Node).

For storage i have Created the EBS volume of 8 GB and attached it to Data Node (Slave).

Previously i have contributed whole storage (10 GB) of data node as we can see below :

Suppose now i have the requirement to contribute the 5GB of EBS volume i have created (i.e of 8GB in size).

For this i have to create partition 5GB ,to create partition first we have to go inside the volume with help of following command:

#fdisk <drive> (see in the image)

now with help internal command (See below ) of the drive i have created the primary partition of 5 GB .

after creating partition ,Now i have created the new directory /dnode then i have format the partion /dev/xvdf1 by command

# mkfs.ext4 /dev/xvdf1

atlast i have mounted the /dev/xvdf1 with /dnode

As we can see in the image:

I have successfully created the partition of 5GB .

Now move to another part i.e we have to made some changes in the hdfs configuration file.

Now Go to /etc/hadoop and then edit hdfs-site.xml


After Edit:

That’s it we have done all the steps.

After Starting the hadoop :

now let’s see what happened

We can clearly see that i have successfully contribute the storage of 5GB of my EBS Volume.

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