Deploying Web Server and setting up Python Environment on the Docker Container.

Raj Kumar Vishwakarma
4 min readNov 22, 2020


🔘Goal for this blog:

🔅Configuring HTTPD Server on Docker Container

🔅Setting up Python Interpreter and running Python Code on Docker Container

So Let’s Start

🔅Configuring HTTPD Server on Docker Container:

I am going to launch an ec2 instance on AWS cloud on the top of which we are going to install the docker

I have successfully login to our instance using Putty.

Now i am going configure yum repository for installing the docker-ce, to do this first i have to go /etc/yum.repos.d directory, then i have to create a file with .repo extension .

Here in my case i have created docker.repo file in which i have written the following things:

Now we have successfully configured the repo for docker, to install the docker we have to write the command :

#yum install docker-ce — nobest

Now docker is successfully installed on the top of ec2 instance.

to check this we have #rpm -q docker-ce command

Now we have to start the docker service using systemctl command:

#systemctl start docker

Next step is to download the docker image of Centos OS:

Now to pull the image we have the command:

#docker pull <image name>

Next Step is to Launch the container:

for this we have the command;

# docker run -it — name webserver centos:latest

ifconfig command doesn’t pre-installed here. So we can ask yum that which software provides us ifconfig command :

So we need to install the net-tools software to use ifconfig command.

we can run ifconfig command to know our IP address.

🔴To Configure Apache httpd webserver on docker container we have to follow certain steps :

1️⃣Install httpd software

2️⃣Put the webpages in /var/www/html

3️⃣Start the Service

Step-1: Install httpd software

To install httpd software, run #yum install httpd command inside the docker container.

Step-2:Put the webpages in /var/www/html

we have created an html file web.html

Step-6: Start the HTTPD Service

Normally to start the service we always use systemctl start httpd command. But in docker container by-default systemctl command doesn’t work. Here to start the service we use /usr/sbin/httpd

To check that we have successfully started the service, we can run the command #netstat -tnlp if it shows port 80 then the service is started.

🔅Setting up Python Interpreter and running Python Code on Docker Container:

To setup Python Interpreter we have to install python3 in the container, for this we have the command :

#yum install python3

Now we can run the any python code on the system by run command



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